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Folk Dance Remixed
Folk Dance Remixed
Photo: Chris Walshaw
  • Folk Dance Remixed - a fresh, vibrant, colourful and magical collision of traditional and Hip Hop dance
    A ground-breaking company, lead by Artistic Directors Kerry Fletcher & Natasha Khamjani, creating unique fusions between Folk & contemporary Hip Hop styles with live music - incorporating their new show Step Hop House and Street Dance the Maypole interactive workshops

  • JigJaw - singing to dancing & dancing to singing
    with Janet Russell, Rosie Davis & Frances Watt

  • Circa Compania - Karen Tweed's music & dance ensemble

  • Tapatak! driving drums, tantalising tunes and frantic footwork.
    Percussion & rhythm Workshops - fun & lively workshops for adults, children or families.

  • Stepback - In Concert : powerful English traditional dance and exuberant American percussive dance.
    Touring small scale and rural venues.

  • Broken Ankles : fabulous Appalachian Cloggers.

  • 4K Plot : New Constellations for Wind, Sole and Drawing Instruments.
    Innovative collaboration with Karen Tweed (accordion), Karen Wimhurst (clarinet), Keith McIntyre (artist) and Kerry Fletcher (dancer).

  • The Chase : a sensual swirl of new music and dance spun from the tangled threads of European traditions.

  • Caracole! : workshop team with Kerry Fletcher, Frances Watt, singer and flautist, & Jo May, percussionist.
    Specialising in European, French & Swedish dance workshops.

  • Shaking the Tradition II
    Kerry and contemporary dancer Jessica Cohen have led several research projects at Chisenhale Dance Space, London (collectively known as Shaking The Tradition), experimental approaches to traditional dance, music and song. Shaking the Tradition II is Zephyrus (The English Bagpipe Orchestra) and six dancers from the traditions of ballet, contemporary, jazz and folk. Watch this space - we are currently trying to raise money and find venues for this ground-breaking project. Please get in touch if you can offer any help.

The Chase collage
Photos: Alan Pack / Collage: Anna Pack